Hi, I am Michel, a 17-year old backend developer from the Netherlands. I mainly spend my time behind a computer writing software or making websites.

I am experienced with the following programming/markup languages:

  • PHP
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS

Besides these languages i have also worked with multiple frameworks/libraries

  • PHP - Slim Framework, Laravel Framework, Composer
  • JavaScript - Node.js, jQuery
  • HTML/CSS - Twitter Bootstrap

I currently work at an internet consultancy that makes wordpress and custom made websites. I only make custom made websites.

Where it all started

Back in 2009 a few months after Minecraft was released i wanted to have my own Minecraft server. This was the first time i started with doing anything on a computer. I used my laptop with 4 whole gb of ram to run a Minecraft server where me and my friends played on. I got really interested in working with computers. A year later i started on my first Java project which was a plugin for my Minecraft server. This was the first time i started doing programming. A few years later Discord got released (A chat platform for gamers) i googled how to make a bot for discord and ended up at a JavaScript (Node.js) wrapper for the Discord API. Since then i got really into JavaScript, mainly Node.js. I have written multiple electron apps, scraping tools and Discord Bots.

My experiences debunked

PHP(5+, 7.2+): I got to work with PHP5 via my school, really liked it and still work with it (PHP 7.2+). I know the basics and more advanced stuff of the language. I have worked alot with classes and know the Slim and Laravel framework (using composer). This site and my API are both written in PHP using the Laravel Framework.

JavaScript(ES5, ES6): My favorite language! I got to work with this a few months after Discord got released. I mainly work with Node.js to make Discord Bots, Electron Apps and Web-scraping tools. Always up for a challenge. I have also worked / still work with jQuery (3.0.0+).

HTML5: Not very much to tell about, I basically know most of the stuff but prefer back-end over front-end. I mostly work with Twitter's Bootstrap on websites i make.

CSS(3): Same as HTML, i prefer back-end over front-end. I know some tricks in CSS, and always work grid-based.

Java: I mainly work in Java with Spigot (A tool for Minecraft servers) to make plugins for Minecraft servers. I know the basics of Java such as Classes.